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General Dentistry

Serving people of all ages in and around Denison, Dr. Kim Hickey and her dedicated team strive to enrich the oral health and quality of life of all our patients. Our family-friendly practice offers an inviting, serene environment for all who visit. Our dentists utilize the latest technology and advanced treatment protocols to deliver long-lasting results.

Pediatric Dentistry | Kim Hickey DDS | Denison, TX

Pediatric Dentistry

We foster an inviting environment that helps children feel welcome and safe. In addition to providing checkups and cleanings, our team offers oral health education in a memorable way so that children can apply the information they learn in their daily lives.

Invisalign | Kim Hickey DDS | Denison, TX


Fortunately, patients who yearn for a perfectly aligned smile don’t have to settle for silver braces anymore. There’s a more aesthetically pleasing option — Invisalign®. This system accomplishes this goal using clear plastic trays, rather than brackets, rubber bands and wires.

Teeth Whitening | Kim Hickey DDS | Denison, TX

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you have options. Today, cosmetic dentistry is more accessible and affordable than in years past. Our practice offers cosmetic services to help our guests enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy-looking smile.

Restorative Dental Services | Kim Hickey DDS | Denison, TX

Restorative Dentistry

Restorations extend the life of diseased and damaged teeth so that people can keep their teeth much longer. While many oral health conditions can be prevented with proper oral hygiene and routine professional care such as checkups and cleanings, restorations are still a necessity for most people.